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[Limited Offer] Air Breeze Pet Circulation Fan Pad

[Limited Offer] Air Breeze Pet Circulation Fan Pad

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Give your furry the ultimate comfortable and refreshing travel experience! Loobi's AirBreeze pet circulation fan is made of high-quality anti-bite and scratch-resistant fabric. Dual-fan design, combined with turbocharged silent technology, delivers cool air quietly and smoothly. The inner three-dimensional honeycomb air guide structure ensures smooth air flow from the fan and stable cooling. The detachable design makes cleaning easy, and the intuitive three-stage fan adjustment allows you to adjust the wind speed at any time, so that your furry child always feels the best comfort.

*This product does not include a mobile power supply. You need to prepare your own 5V/2A mobile power supply as the power source.


Size: 57*47 cm Outer material: polyester fiber Fan material: PBT+ABS Material supported power supply Rated power: 5V/2A
Weight: 400 grams

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Surrounded by cool breeze

23 air outlets

The air outlet facing the pets is designed with an entire surface of air outlets. 23 air outlets are densely surrounded, allowing pets to enjoy the most extreme cooling experience.

Turbocharged silent design

Dual fan configuration

Twice the wind force to accelerate heat dissipation. Fan turbocharged silent design, strong wind without interference, more comfortable for pets

Smooth air outlet

Three-dimensional honeycomb air guide layer

It adopts sandwich cloth layer technology and uses a three-dimensional porous honeycomb structure to ensure that the cool breeze can flow unimpeded and reach the surface directly.

Durable and safe

Anti-scratch and water-repellent processing

Both the surface layer and the bottom layer are made of anti-scratch and anti-bite reinforced fabrics, which can be used by curious furry children with peace of mind. The water-repellent processing makes cleaning easier.

Switch freely

Adjustable three-stage air volume

Three levels of air flow > gentle breeze > cool breeze are adjustable. Regardless of the scene, you can switch easily

  • Power bank

    Use an easily available 5V/2A USB plug mobile power supply as the power source

    *You need to bring your own power bank, this product does not include a power bank
  • Support washing

    The fan can be removed by unscrewing the upper cover screw for easy cleaning. The entire mat can be washed after removing the fan

    *It is recommended to hand wash or put it in a laundry bag and choose the gentle mode of machine washing
  • Easy to install

    Just fold the fan pad in half and hang it on the edge of the car to complete the installation